Second Opinion & Audit

Second Opinion

Managers are closely identified with their companies and this shapes their perspective. When engaging in political advocacy and communications, it is of vital importance to seek out independent specialists who can offer alternative viewpoints to counterbalance the entrenched viewpoints of the managers. As political experts with extensive knowledge of the issues and the players, we are in a good position to assess the chances of the acceptance of possible new strategies. Obtaining a second opinion is thus an essential component of business risk management, as politically inept and poorly conceived messages can do irreparable harm to a company’s reputation and jeopardize the success of a project or enterprise.


A political communications audit analyzes to what degree the competencies and values an organization ascribes to itself resonate in the perception of the stakeholders-or not. A communications audit provides information on whether the communications strategy, instruments and the selected communication channels and processes are best-suited to achieving the stated goals in the areas of public image, mindshare, positioning and political access.