You want to:

  • Solve acute political problems quickly and efficiently
  • Handle critical situations proactively
  • (Re-)conceive your political communications strategy
  • Cultivate good working relationships with key players in the political realm
  • Have a say in the legal and regulatory framework pertinent to your industry
  • Enhance your visibility and burnish your public image
  • Secure and expand your scope of action
  • Expand your market reach, remove political roadblocks to growth
  • Ensure that your political interests are successfully represented
  • Count on representation worldwide, e.g., at the European Union in Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, and Eastern Europe or in major capital cities such as Washington and Beijing.

We offer:


Our Expertise

  • Long-standing experience in the political, economic and societal spheres and in the media realm
  • In-depth knowledge of the political processes, contact networks and stakeholders in Switzerland and greater Europe, as well as in the USA and China
  • An interdisciplinary team with expertise in political science, economics, social science, law, communications and culture
  • A far-flung network of established contacts in politics, business, media and culture
  • Strategic collaboration with leading public affairs companies in the European Union, Germany and Austria
  • Many years of hands-on experience in dealing with a diversity of complex and critical issues
  • Team members with experience as guest lecturers in the fields of policy management, lobbying, business, media relations and culture at Swiss universities and colleges