Governmental Affairs & Representation of Interests

Governmental Affairs

Successful advocacy is based on establishing cordial, sustainable relationships with political decision makers. Successful public affairs management is built upon access to the people relevant to your business. As your advisers, we tell you where key decisions are being made, which agencies to focus on, and how to build up and cultivate your network of contacts. We provide all the support you need to get ready for political discussions, negotiations, presentations and hearings. We make sure that your scheduled appearances are part of an overall strategy and that each meeting with policy makers is productive.

Representation of Strategic Interests

Leveraging our political know-how and our core competencies, we are your intermediaries in gaining you access and receptive audiences, and we act as your proxy in lobbying for your business objectives and projects. Experience shows, however, that it is not enough to get the meeting and make your case in front of a political decision maker. The hard work of lobbying begins after the parting handshake. After an intercession, we stay close to a policy maker to ensure that promises made become promises kept. Political solutions require subtlety and intuition, as well as tenacity and an awareness of political realities.