Situation Analysis, Issues & Media Monitoring

Market upheavals, political challenges or economic and social issues: Everyday you are confronted anew with topics of a critical nature. Being able to act on the pertinent details within this dynamic environment gives you a decided competitive advantage. 

As political experts and experienced market observers we track the issues, developments and legislative projects that matter to our clients. We analyze the relevant players, their influence and environment. We study documents and publications and gather information so that we can help you identify new challenges before they surface in the media or on political agendas. We are your boots on the ground, conversing behind the scenes with key decision makers. Once we collect the data, we structure it into informative bulletins or briefs and in this way, pass our knowledge on to you on both a regular and an ad hoc basis.

In this way, you can anticipate important developments in advance and respond proactively, rather than relying on other people or chance to make decisions for you.