Our Mission

Mission Statement

At MC&P, our goal is the optimal positioning of our clients in the political-economic sphere.

Politics is exerting ever greater influence over entrepreneurial activity. Companies are feeling the effects of an influx of regulatory requirements, at the same time that globalization and the advent of supranational institutions have changed the rules of the game.

The political challenges faced by companies, organizations and interest groups have become more complex and demanding. In parallel, today’s media-driven environment has amplified the expectations of the general public and magnified criticism. 

No one can stand against the tide of this development, not even the politicians themselves. In order to effectively represent your interests and be in a position to seize market opportunities in this dynamic environment, either you are yourself an expert or you seek expert advice.

Our political expertise encompasses government and politics and extends to the administrative, business and media realms. When you engage us, you leverage our know-how to position your enterprise and pitch your objectives. We can help you capitalize on market opportunities, improve your public image or host top-notch events.

Our clients reap the benefits of strategies tailored to their individual needs, including detailed roadmaps for effective lobbying and professional-quality communication with political entities.


  • Our task is to identify risks and opportunities, transfer knowledge, explain challenges and increase mindshare
  • Our success is based on experience, networking and dedication
  • Our work is fact-based, issues-oriented and politically prudent
  • Our mission is to generate added value for our clients, which pays dividends with regard to positioning, reputation and business development
  • Our methods are in compliance with the professional standards of the Swiss Society of Public Affairs (SPAG)